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mass office
1-17-4 shimotakaido,
suginami-ku tokyo
168-0073 japan



Since its founding, Mass has been involved in design projects in diverse fields, from 3D objects like buildings, interiors, furniture, monuments, and signs to graphics in logos and editorial design.

The output techniques may differ between fields, but we always aim for the same design direction.
Namely, we let go of our preconceptions to brainstorm individual yet universal designs for our clients.

Whatever the project may be, we can carefully unravel the client's background and desires to find the elements that make that project special.
We then brainstorm ideas based on those elements to respond with an individual yet universal design.

Individual yet universal—it may seem like an oxymoron at first,
but MASS is truly determined to find ways to bridge the two.



どのようなプロジェクトも、依頼主の要望や背景をよくよく紐解いてみると、必ずその計画に固有の特徴を見出すことができます。 その固有の特徴を手がかりにアイデアを考え、個性的かつ普遍的なデザインで応えます。